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Krython is an interactive application designed to teach the basics of programming in Python version 3. Its name is a combination of the word Python and the name of the android from the British sci-fi sitcom Red Dwarf - Kryten. Kryten will guide you through every task. Once you've completed them all, you will receive a certificate.

Very first thing you'll learn is a simple output of a text (in programming defined as a string literal). We will use print() function to do this.


This bubble is used for additional informations.

There are code samples with explanations in the section below. In the EDITOR section you will write code that can be run by clicking on the arrow at the top right corner. If you are stuck, use the question mark to get help. The output of your program is printed in the OUTPUT section. Once you have found the correct solution, the next task will unlock. Don't worry, unlocked tasks remain saved for this device.

# This is comment. It is used to describe the code and is non-executable. # You can copy the commands from this section into the EDITOR and test them. # Following commands print the content of the parentheses on separate lines. The string inside must be enclosed in quotes. print('Howdy doodly do!') print('How is it going?') # The end parameter replaces the 'line break' with another character, for example a space. This way the result is printed on a single line. Try out some other characters. print('My name is Kryten.', end = ' ') print('Lovely to meet you!')

Write the code that will print Kryten's serial number, which is ZCJL-HLSZ.